Discover the Best American Cuisine in Fort Myers

If you’re planning a trip to Fort Myers and want to experience some of the best culinary offerings, then you’re in for a treat. Fort Myers is not just a beautiful coastal getaway; it’s also a hotspot for diverse American cuisine. From classic comfort foods to innovative American fare, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Here’s our guide to the top 10 American restaurants in Fort Myers, perfect for tourists looking for a memorable dining experience during their stay in sunny Florida.

1. Miller’s Ale House

Miller’s Ale House is a favorite for both locals and tourists. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, the restaurant offers a broad menu featuring American classics like full rack BBQ baby back ribs, loaded fries, and hand-breaded fried shrimp platter. It’s a great spot for families, offering a kid-friendly menu that keeps the little ones happy.

fort myers ale house

2. Harold’s

For a more upscale dining experience, Harold’s offers gourmet American dishes with a creative twist. Customer favorites include truffle fries with parmesan, yellow tail snapper with crab stuffing, and house-made pappardelle bolognese. The flowerless chocolate mousse cake is a must-try dessert here.

harolds fine dining fort myers

3. Ella Mae’s Diner

Ella Mae’s Diner offers a nostalgic American diner experience with modern flair. The diner serves up hearty breakfasts and classic American dishes such as buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy, bourbon pecan French toast, and a variety of omelets. The friendly service and charming setting make it a perfect start to your day in Fort Myers.



american diner restaurant style in black and white tiles and red booths

4. FK Your Diet Fort Myers

FK Your Diet specializes in hearty American comfort food with a cause, as they support foster kids with each dish they serve. Enjoy dishes like avocado toast with eggs over easy, belly buster breakfast burrito, and deep-fried French toast. The engaging staff and the restaurant’s mission add an extra layer of warmth to your meal.

american comfort food

5. Mango Rita’s Rhythm House

A visit to Mango Rita’s Rhythm House promises not just a meal but an experience. This restaurant is known for its lively atmosphere and classic American menu featuring fish and chips, chicken nachos, and crispy chicken fingers. The friendly environment makes it a fun spot for both adults and children.

Grilled jumbo shrimp in corn tortilla tacos with cabbage garnish on an old fashioned newspaper wrapper.

6. Buckingham Farms

Buckingham Farms offers a rustic dining experience with a focus on farm-to-table freshness. Popular dishes include the barnyard chicken sandwich and eggs benedict florentine, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The country setting provides a peaceful backdrop for a delightful meal.

eggs benedict florentine

7. Marti’s Family Dining

For a homely meal, head to Marti’s Family Dining. The family-oriented restaurant serves a diverse menu from vegetable omelets to chicken fajita omelets, offering comfort food that caters to all tastes. It’s known for its friendly service and generous portions at great prices.

family restaurant fort myers

8. Smoke’n Pit BBQ

For those who crave smoky flavors and succulent meats, Smoke’n Pit BBQ is a must-visit. This place is known for its bark-laced pulled pork and a variety of southern sides like fried okra and sweet baked beans. The authentic barbecue and casual setting make it a favored choice among meat lovers.

fort myers bbq restaurant

9. Crave

Crave, located at a cozy corner in Fort Myers, is famous for its Pilgrim sandwich—a Thanksgiving-themed delight available all year round. The menu also includes other inventive takes on classic dishes, making it a go-to for those who enjoy a twist on traditional American cuisine.

florida american restaurant and cuisine

10. Fat Katz

Fat Katz is renowned for its gourmet burgers and casual, friendly atmosphere. The restaurant prides itself on crafting burgers from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients and serving them alongside homemade condiments on freshly baked brioche buns.

american burger

Plan Your Culinary Adventure in Fort Myers with Resort Harbor Properties

Each of these American restaurants in Fort Myers offers a unique dining experience that highlights the rich culinary culture of the region. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic diner breakfast, a gourmet dinner, or a casual barbecue, Fort Myers has an American eatery to satisfy your cravings. During your stay at Resort Harbor Properties, be sure to check out these top spots to truly enjoy what American cuisine in Fort Myers has to offer.